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A guestbook puzzle for wedding guests

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Guests sign puzzle pieces for a puzzle you can mount on your wall. Optionally can be made magnetic. Puzzles are created from your hi-res images such as engagement photos. Puzzle pieces and boards are laser-cut from 1/8-inch thick pressed wood hardboard and sealed for durability. Pieces can be any size, one-inch and up. You may vary the number of pieces to suit the number of guests you expect will sign the individual puzzle pieces – this affects the piece size and cost of laser-cutting. Ideally, 1 x 1.5 inches should be the smallest size, but I can create pieces as small as one inch square upon request, however cutting smaller pieces takes much more laser time. Base the puzzle requirements on the number of guests and piece size, then work out the size of the puzzle(s) you need. Pieces will be square or slightly rectangular. If you order two or more puzzles, it is best to use different images. For magnetic puzzles, the pieces and board use flexible magnetic substrates. The base board is coated white and etched with your choice of wording and font. The board will be larger than the actual puzzle. There will be holes on top for hanging on a wall - the top is based on your image orientation (horizontal or vertical).